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Assess Your Organization’s IT: Maximize Technology ROI

Think about your organization’s IT performance today. How would you answer these questions? Are you satisfied with ROI, TCO and Productivity? Is your IT department receptive or are your clients and users displeased? Does your organization possess a clear and holistic roadmap on how to operate and measure IT Performance? Does your organization have a […]

Getting a slipping project back on track

As many organization leaders are aware, few (if any) IT projects materialize without running into problem issues. This is true for all types of projects. The larger and more complex the project plan, the more likely project managers will reach a point where their project schedule falls short of delivering what it initially set out […]

A post-merger challenge: ensuring the smooth integration of disparate IT systems

Check us out in February edition! A post-merger challenge: ensuring the smooth integration of disparate IT systems   Organisations must overcome many technology challenges after an acquisition in order to unify and streamline business processes across the entire enterprise. It is rare (if not impossible) to find two organisations using matching systems and applications, particularly […]

Simplifying the Vendor Selection Process

For many organizations the success or failure of IT initiatives is based on the selection of the appropriate technology vendors. Despite the critical nature of this process, many organizations underestimate the time and effort it takes to make a well-informed decision. Below are some considerations to help your organization simplify the vendor selectionprocess.

The value behind an ERP Health Check Assessment: Maximizing the return on your organization’s ERP system

More and more organizations have turned to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to provide their decision makers with fast, accurate access to a unified view of their operational and financial information. ERP solutions offer proven, best-practice processes for business functions; including business planning, product development, sales, manufacturing, logistics, finance, and human resources. Properly implemented, ERP delivers […]

Taking pre-emptive measures: Is your organization protected against a data breach?

Data Breach Protection The growing rate of security breaches have placed a number of organizations in the spotlight, subjecting them to noteworthy financial losses and damaged reputations. In order to prevent the occurrence of a data breach, organizations require a robust security strategy that safeguards their data, devices and clients. Today’s enterprise technology leader is […]

Looking forward to 2015: Why Outsourcing your IT may be the best bet

As technology grows more complicated, sophisticated and specialized, there will be an increasing need for IT consultants with the ‘right’ expertise for the foreseeable future. If your organization engages with one or more IT consulting firms, either on retention or as part of your backup operations, then you will have a greater advantage in the […]

IT Due Diligence: Mitigating Risk and Reducing cost of Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) are among the most challenging undertakings in business.   Administering the IT integration risk associated with a merger has become a major component in determining the ultimate success or failure of M&As. Expectations concerning cost savings and economies of scale often focus on IT.  In fact, IT plays a critical role in […]

Establishing IT Governance: An eight step process

Today’s organizations rely on information technology (IT) as a crucial part of their overall enterprise strategy. As such, policies and practices that extend to IT are an integral part of this strategy- that is, IT should be governed by practices that help ensure: An organization’s IT resources are utilized responsibly; Risks are managed appropriately and […]

How to Establish a PMO Implementation Plan

Organizations are increasingly looking to PMOs for greater consistency, efficiencies and better management of costs. Nearly 7 out of 10 organizations have a PMO, according to PMI’s 2013 Pulse of the Profession. When is it time for your business to begin a PMO implementation plan? If your organization’s projects are over-budget, over-schedule, and unorganized, the […]

Changing CIO Focus for 2015: A Gartner Study

CIO Insight’s Karen A. Frenkel writes about the new CIO Agenda of 2015, A Gartner Study. The study surveyed 2,810 CIOs from 84 countries who represent $397 billion in IT budgets. – See more at:     Picture taken from CIO  

How CIOs should be thinking about the cloud

Check out our newsletter article! How CIOs should be thinking about the cloud Cloud computing references abound in business and technical circles. Yet, for all its current prevalence, there is still an ongoing debate as to what cloud is and how it should be adopted by technology, risk management, compliance,security, assurance and business leaders. Adding […]

Organizations Lack Important ERP Capabilities

Excerpt taken from By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 10-07-2014 While the vast majority of professionals feel that enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools are critical to business, a significant number are underwhelmed by their ERP system performance, according to a new survey from Epicor Software Corporation. The accompanying e-book-styled report, titled “Mobile, Social, Cloud and ERP: Whose Business Systems […]

A (detailed) look at constructing your organization’s IT roadmap

A IT roadmap is a plan that matches short-term and long-term objectives with specific technology solutions to help meet those objectives. The roadmap has three significant functions: It helps achieve a consensus about a set of needs and the technologies required to fulfill those needs; It creates a mechanism to help forecast future technology requirements; […]

Closing the Gap between Business and IT – A four step process

Business – IT alignment is the connection between the business objectives and the Information Technology (IT) requirements of an organization. These two factors often seem to contradict, but many economic and technical experts agree that alignment between them, maintained over time, is essential to the success of an organization. An organization can successfully integrate IT […]

Prioritizing IT Projects – A Structured Approach

“Organizations that are effective in portfolio management had 62% of products meet or exceed expected ROI.” ·         © 2012 Project Management Institute, Inc. Pulse of the Profession® In-Depth Report: Portfolio Management The approval and initiation of a new business or IT project requires significant resources. Although these resources exist within an organization, they are limited and need […]

9 Common BI Software Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Written by: Jennifer Lonoff Schiff Writer, Check us out in Jennifer’s new article : 9 Common BI Software Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them) Excerpt: BI Mistake No. 8: Insufficient training (and miscalculating the costs of training).“Many organizations exhaust their BI budgets on software licenses and a few short weeks of training for their users,” says […]

Balancing Project Management Challenges

Balancing all the elements of a difficult project – time, money, scope and people – is the project manager’s responsibility. Excellent project management skills are essential to successfully dealing with the unexpected challenges that come with every project. The following is an overview of the top 10 project management challenges that project managers may encounter […]

Tips for choosing the right Point of Sale System

Are you considering the replacement of your organization’s cash register and payment processing terminal with an integrated point of sale (POS) system, in order to take your business to the next level? Few purchases can have as dramatic an effect on your retail business as a POS system. A well implemented POS system can provide […]

Don’t overlook your organization’s Procurement to Payment Process

Every company is under pressure to lower costs and increase profitability. Each year, organizations devise new initiatives to cut costs and boost productivity. However, areas that are often overlooked include the procurement to payment processes. These processes support the purchase of direct goods (i.e. cost of goods sold) and indirect goods (i.e. office supplies, computers, etc.). […]

Optimizing your current ERP system

  The Need for Optimization As an integrated decision support system, an ERP system should support any or all of a company’s financial and operational processes. Often, the ERP system is relegated to serve as a financial reporting tool only. As a result, the system neither supports the management decision making process nor the seamless […]

The temporary CIO: The role of the Interim CIO

Many organizations in transition find themselves in a situation where short term and long term technology needs are unclear. They may have an unexpected CIO vacancy, or the business has chosen to make a change. The result is a void in IT leadership and a potential slowdown in key IT initiatives.   Consider some additional […]

A PCI Compliance overview

The major credit card issuers (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) created PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards to protect personal information and ensure security when transactions are processed utilizing a payment card. PCI provides the guidelines to help merchants protect cardholder data. All members of the payment card industry (financial institutions, credit card companies and […]

Top tips for Disaster Recovery Planning

Organizations of all sizes depend on information technology as an essential part of their everyday operations. Since data accessibility is a top necessity, the need for companies to assemble a comprehensive disaster recovery plan is fundamental. Research conducted by Info-Tech Research Group, however, validates that nearly 60% of North American businesses do not have a […]

Don’t forget about IT Due Diligence in your next M&A transaction

Acquisitions and investments require due diligence to determine valuation, uncover risks, and identify opportunities for post deal value creation. But investors often find it difficult to perform due diligence in one key area-information technology (IT). They often lack the technical knowledge to assess current systems, recognize what it will take to fix systems that are […]

Assessing the IT function of a potential Merger or Acquisition: An important part of due diligence

Assessing the information technology function of a potential acquisition or investment is an important part of due diligence. Consider asking yourself the following questions before undergoing any changes: Current State of IT Capabilities Systems What application systems are installed, and what shape are they in? Are they suitable for a company of this size, in […]

Creating a Project Management Office – improving project outcomes

Understanding the type of PMO that needs to be established It is important to understand that within an organization PMOs can be established to serve a specific purpose.  According to the Program Management Office Handbook, prepared by the PMO Special Interest Group (PMOSIG) of the Project Management Institute (PMI), there are five types of Programs: Strategic Programs […]