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March 2014

Building an IT Strategy to Maximize Business Value

Understanding the Board’s Role in IT Governance

4 Reasons Leaders use IT Interim Management Services

February 2014

The Explosion of Big Data: Is your Organization prepared?

Seven steps to choosing the right point of sale system

6 Tips to Launching and Maintaining a Successful PMO

January 2014

Does your current technology deliver the best benefits for your organization?

What is your IT Strategy for 2014?

Bridging the CIO gap: The role of the Interim CIO

November 2013

Best practices for achieving project management success

Don’t forget about IT Due Diligence in your next M&A transaction

Is your organization running IT like a business?

October 2013

ERP Software Selection Process: 8 Steps to selecting the right ERP software solution

3 Pitfalls of your Current ERP System

September 2013

Top 10 Project Management Challenges

6 Questions your organization should consider prior to undergoing a software selection process

August 2013

An IT assessment: Establishing a foundation for improved IT performance

Terminate or Restart? Making the right choice on a troubled project

June 2013

Information Security Health Check – Know the Unknowns, Manage Risk

User Acceptance Testing, 5 Dimensions for successful IT system testing

Meeting PCI Compliance Challenges

May 2013 

Don’t Replace, Enhance! When it makes sense to optimize your organization’s existing ERP system

Making a move to the cloud: Is your organization “cloud ready”?

Integrating Business and Technology: 4 Steps towards a common alignment

April 2013

7 Steps (and Tips) to Successful Vendor Selection

Best IT Management Practice: The Role of the IT Steering Committee

Protect your Organization: Why a Disaster Recovery Plan Matters

March 2013

Rescuing troubled Projects

Ensuring the smooth integration of Disparate IT Systems

How secure are your systems?

February 2013

How can your organization benefit from an IT assessment?

Under what circumstances does an Interim CIO makes sense?

Change Management: A unique approach to handling IT organization change

July 2012

Best Practices for Project Management Success

Ranking Projects to Maximize Efficiency

Transformation of Procurement to Payment Processes

May 2012

Integrating Business and IT

Safeguarding and securing your environment against viral threats

Selecting the right ERP software solutions for your oganization

February 2012

Assessing the Value of IT in your Organization

Conducting IT Due Diligence in an M&A transaction

7 Pregame Questions Executives Must Ask to Win at SharePoint

April 2011

Security Services

Interim CTO

Telecom Services

January 2011

Agile Services

CIO Support

Cloud Computing